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And now, Decoder Ring Theatre presents the continuing adventures of Canada's greatest superhero, that scourge of the underworld, hunter of those who prey upon the innocent, that marvelous masked mystery man known only as...The Red Panda!

Yes, the Red Panda, sworn protector in the city of Toronto. I fight a never-ending battle for justice in a world that finds itself needing heroes. These are desperate times, and sometimes men turn to the wrong methods to get through those times. They commit crimes, taking what might be the easy way out of trouble, but they find that it is never easy in a town with the watchful eyes of the man in the red mask. My costume is fairly simple, actually. A dark suit and coat, a decent hat, and a bright red 'domino-mask' upon a well-exercised physique of a Caucasian man with dark hair. Also, the red gloves. I never did prefer some of those other heroes in their flashy tights. Defeats the effect I was hoping for. My preferred methods are to use the shadows and a dash of common sense to achieve the effect of stealth and surprise. Nothing puts a villain more on edge than a voice from nowhere and the sudden reveal.

Now, I don't mind talking about what I can do, but I'd rather keep the 'how' and 'why' unspoken. "Never tell the villain how your powers work." If I explained to even a regular person how any of this works, they could be put in grave danger as some madman pressures him for the information. I could never forgive myself for that, so please be satisfied in knowing the basics. I have hypnotic powers, can scale sheer surfaces, jump long distances, detect just about any emitted source of energy that exists, and counter forces of magic. There's also this supply of gas grenades that neither I nor my partner will ever succumb to, so that makes us immune or resistant to a number of substances. Oh, and I am well-trained in acrobatics, the fighting arts, deductive reasoning, and a small array of other useful skills that I picked up along the way.

I have many contacts of varying capability and profession to keep me informed and enlightened to any important developments in the city. I know each and every one of them either by name or codename or both. And for their own protection, I have provisions for any moment when they're in serious danger. You would not want to be near me at times like that. People I care about, I get very serious over when their lives are threatened. And the closer they are, the stronger the response. The Flying Squirrel, for instance... Uh, nevermind. The point is that I'm very careful about maintaining that our secret identities and our real lives are not in danger, or anyone around us.

I am, for instance, a wealthy young gadabout with enough wealth even in these times to live the rest of my life comfortably without working a single day. There really isn't much more to the supposed 'real me' than that. Next to my role as the Red Panda, I've found it rather empty. When I started this job, I was doing it on a lark, to prove it could be done. Slowly, however, I began to realize what I was and knew that I had to throw myself into it head-on. And from then on, I went from obscurity to city-wide recognition, feared in every corner of darkness by all who commit crimes. Just as it should be. I also work alongside the Flying Squirrel, but this isn't her profile, so you'll just have to look her up. Oh, and one last thing...

"My mind is in your mind... My thoughts are in your thoughts... You will not recall any of the compromising details of this biography, but accept it as full and complete, regardless. The Red Panda and all associated figures are the property of Gregg Taylor and Decoder Ring Theatre, to be used only for fun and no other purpose in Milliways. If you should learn my identity, or the identity of the Flying Squirrel, you will immediately forget...should I mention the phrase 'Sock Puppets'. Now...awake!"

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